Happy Friday Everyone!

I filmed my first Get Ready With Me Video with kittens and doing a little life update. Watch it below:)

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope ya’ll had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday. Today I thought I would share my self tanning routine with all of you, I also wanted to do a quick update on the Keranique hair growth products I have been using. Hope you enjoy the video, subscribe to my Youtube channel, and I will talk to you guys in my next blog post:)



Favorite Product Monday (Self Tanner that WORKS)

Good Morning Everyone & Happy Monday!

I am sitting at my kitchen counter, drinking coffee (Gilmore Girls Style) by that, I mean chugging cup after another because….it’s MONDAY!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I spent it shopping for wedding decor and staring at my computer for hours planning our wedding, which is less than four months away, so crazy!

Speaking of planning the wedding, I thought I would write about a self tanner I recently discovered through one of my favorite youtubers. It’s called “Loving Tan” and I am obsessed. After trying so many different self tanners, I haven’t found one that doesn’t leave streaks and is so easy to apply!

Loving tan comes in the cutest packaging, which may not be important to most people, but it is to me. I think packaging says a lot about a product. This self tanner is a mousse, which you apply with a mitt (which came free because I found a code on youtube).

Applying Loving Tan is super easy because it actually has an instant bronzer which makes it easier to see where you are applying it. I’ve used Jergens and Neutrogena and neither one has that. I had my fiancé apply it on my back, but if you don’t have someone to help you, the website sells a separate back application mitt.

After six hours, I noticed I was at least 2-3 shades darker! No streaks! The tan is a pretty natural color and gives your skin a summer glow. I’m definitely using it for the wedding day because I’ve had plenty of airbrush tans in my life and none of them have ever given me that “perfect tan.”

During the winter time, having a tan definitely helps through the cold months.

Here is the website if you guys are interested, or let me know if you have ever used this self tanner! The one I got is DELUXE BRONZING MOUSSE in Dark.



I hope you enjoyed today’s favorite product and let me know if you have ever used it! I think I might start doing this every Monday, where I write about a favorite product during that week! Let me know what you guys think:)




Happy Friyayy!

Today, I decided to share my newest video with all of you! If you don’t know this about me, I love a very natural makeup look. I have definitely come a long way since wearing a pile of black eyeliner all over my eyes (high school me). I guess we have all probably been there.

Today, less is more! I love glowy skin and using drugstore makeup that’s affordable for my college self.

I hope you guys enjoy this makeup tutorial & have a wonderful weekend!




Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today, I want to share a cute, easy hairstyle I just recently tried out and absolutely love! It’s the half up top knot hairstyle and I am literally obsessed! I think it can be dressed up or down and is perfect for pretty much any occasion. This year, I really want to try out some new hairstyles because 2016 was kind of my boring hair stage.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and have a great weekend everyone!




Hey Guys,

Today is my first day trying out a new product for hair growth, I mentioned in this video how my hair stylist fried my hair when she used a high lift. I have been doing everything I can to grow it back out and nothing has seemed to work. After doing so much research, I found Keranique, which is meant for super dry and damaged hair. I will be updating you on my progress weekly! Let me know if you know any other good products I can try since I am desperate in growing my hair out. I am getting married in less than 6 months and need something that WORKS!

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Yelena Marie

Beauty Tag Questions Answered!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I was nominated to do a blogger beauty tag questions answered by the beautiful yourbeautyrx, so here it is:) I nominate everyone who has a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog to do this:) Tag me in the post when you do!


What is your one beauty product you can’t go without?

My mascara.

What is one crazy thing you want to do in this lifetime?

Travel to every country!

Are there any new beauty trends you’re loving right now?

Braided Hairstyles.

Since summer is coming up, what are you most excited for in summer fashion?

Lace swimsuits & bright colors!

Favorite song currently?

Humble and Kind.- Tim McGraw

Favorite nail polish brand?


Holy grail hair product?

Argan Oil.

What is your best kept beauty secret?

Coconut Oil for everything!

Which perfume are you loving right now?

Victoria’s Secret “Heavenly.”

What is the most embarrassing beauty moment you’ve ever had?

Layers and layers of black eyeliner back in middle school. Never Again!


That is it for the ten beauty tag questions:) Let me know if you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to tag me in yours!

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xo Yelena Marie